The Most Effective Combat System

A lot of fighting methods make that claim. But Filipino Martial Arts like Kali and Silat are backed by some big names, featured in some big movies, and used by some big organizations. Kali is the most street-realistic combat system available, using edged, impact, flexible, and projectile weapons. It is not a renamed MMA system. It is the pure proven system of the Philippines.

The Majapahit Combat Arts Academy, an established Filipino martial arts school that offers Pekiti Tirsia Kali in San Antonio, Texas, is on a mission to create awareness of the combat arts of the Philippines amongst the Filipino community and beyond. The school is owned and operated by Robert Slomkowski, Mark Dapilmoto and Sean Dapilmoto. Together they have 75+ years experience in this system, and have a passion to share a part of the culture of the Philippines that few know.